Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Testimonials & Quotes

Testimonials from our Clients

“We at NCH certainly appreciate the information you are providing. It has been accurate, dependable and current. The timeliness of your coverage of fare sales and significant events and changes has saved me a lot of time, research and work!” ~ Sharon Jameson, Corporate Travel Manager, NCH Corporation in Irving, TX

“One of the best sources of information available. It is used frequently by a number of our people.” ~ St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO

"We use your book like our right arm. It always helps us out in emergency situations when we need to get hold of someone at an airport or locate the airport clubs." ~ Champion Spark Plug

"A must for every business travel office." ~ Harold Seligman, business travel consultant

"Nationwide Intelligence is a valued publication. I read it regularly because I find the rewards are worth the time. It is maintained as a valuable reference book." ~ Dow Chemical U.S.A.

"A very well put together document. It has proven to be a useful reference source." ~ Canonie Environmental

"Very informative for my film, entertainment and television crew production clients. They all read everything about a location. You make me look great. Thanks." ~ American Travel Club

Quotes from the Press

"Intelligence gathering can pay off for travelers. If there were an encyclopedia for business travel, David Oppermann would have it. Instead, he publishes what may be the next best thing." ~ USA Today

"Thousands of readers in corporate travel agencies, airlines and large companies subscribe to Oppermann publications about business travel." ~ Travel Weekly

"The service gives clients the chance to avoid problems where possible and at least anticipate them when not." ~ Air Destinations Magazine

"Nationwide Intelligence provides travel data to corporations." ~ The Wall Street Journal

"A new source of U.S. air travel information targeted to corporations, travel agencies and frequent fliers."
~ Dallas (Texas) Morning News

"A single source of information for corporate travel planners as well as for the individual business executive." ~ The Robb Report

“Crammed with information that business travelers or corporate travel departments will find useful for saving money and avoiding problems.” ~ Dennis Tanner, Booth Newspapers, Lansing, MI

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